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Damion Tarpley

Dr. Barstool, What’s the skinny?

Hello Richly Middle Class!

My name is Damion Tarpley and I am the Founder of Dr. Barstool, a Bar Services Company that aims to provide exceptional service and practical knowledge to the public on all things related to hospitality and customer service. As a seasoned restaurant professional (2012 marks my 25th year in the business) in the United States, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to learn from some great people the art of guest service and how to teach others the ins and outs of this wonderful business!

So, here is a little background on myself and how I hope to enlighten, educate and humor those who are interested (Please…love me!). As mentioned earlier, I have been in the bar/restaurant business since 1987 when my first foray into the business was as a doorman at a Washington DC nightclub. One night, I was asked to fill in behind the bar as a bartender didn’t show for his shift. What do I know about pouring a drink? Not much! Little did I know that I was embarking on a long journey filled with stories, laughs and fun from the behind the bar. I’ve worked in many different places and for some great (and not so great) people. I have spent many early years working for corporate restaurant groups and being placed in position to train new employees and open restaurants. I have managed restaurants and consulted on many occasions. Currently, I work for a successful restaurant group in the Washington DC metro region as head bartender and trainer. I am a happily married, devoted dad of two beautiful children. I am passionate about the business and love to share my knowledge with people.

My goal for richly middle class is simple: to add a working perspective on the hospitality business from a professional viewpoint and to create, stimulate and share ideas in an engaging atmosphere. I will always strive to keep it real despite any toes that may get stepped on along the way. Remember my opinions are rooted in what I know and see here in the US on a daily not necessarily a worldwide declarative on decorum. Now that I’ve introduced myself, let’s have some fun!! So why don’t we begin by raising your wine glass, pint, shot or cocktail in the air and make a toast-“here’s to you my friends, this is gonna  be a great ride!”


Dr. Barstool

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