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Turn On Your Headlights a Snake Is Reaching for Your Grass

Let’s bring up another one of those sensitive subjects. We need to talk about shaving, trimming, and keeping it neat ladies.   We have all heard that really corny joke about the curious boy learning about anatomy.

A snake at the grass

A Lady is getting out the shower

As she dries off her body, she gets down to her private part.

“Ma’am what is that?” (Referring to the hair on her vagina)

“That is my grass” she responds.

“Ma’am what are the two things covering it up?”

“Well, silly, those are my headlights.”

She blushes and says, “what do you call that?” as she points to the buldge in the virgin’s pants.

He shyly whispers. “That is my snake.”

Later that evening, everyone is out by the fire.

The young woman is under the covers with another guy. The virgin looks under the covers.

“Ma’am! Ma’am! Turn on your headlights.  His snake is reaching for your grass.”


So let’s talk about the grass. Okay, don’t be silly in case you are saying, GRASS?  What is she talking about? I am talking about pubic hair.  A strange topic indeed. It was prompted by something that was pushed in my face.

This morning as I went to the local hardware store to buy light bulbs, I ran into a woman that I know. As we women do, we tend to look around as we are talking. Don’t lie, we all do it! We check out what the person is wearing, their purse and shoes. As my eyes started to wonder down, I could not believe it!


Her grass was sticking out of her trousers for all to see. I am not talking about one hair that could have been mistaken for a hair from her head. I am talking about the top of her bush!

Why was all of her grass sticking out of her pants for the whole world to see? And then the next question is why doesn’t she shave? I know that some men like going down yonder in bush county but that was a whole forest.

I quickly adjust my eyes back to look at hers. But curiosity and the need to confirm that her bush was hanging out made me take a second glimpse. So now I have a dilemma. Do I tell her that I just witnessed her hairy private area or do I take the road well traveled and IGNORE?

nude woam

So ladies, let’s talk about the private area. I know that we all have different views on what we should do with our playground. Personally, I think that it is my job to help keep the Brazilian Wax community in business. But for those of you who like a rustic approach to your grassy area more power to you! All I can say is wear it proud girl!

Do you think that there should be a public showing of the grassy event?


Do you feel that it does not matter how you groom your playground as long as you cover it up?

What are your thoughts?


Always Believe in Yourself, Cynthia

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  1. It must have been incredibly bushy and abundant to be visible! LOL I would have done a double take, too. :-) Yes please, cover it up, whatever you do or don’t do with it. Personally I’m old school (and European), so that part of me has always been “au naturel”. Shaving is confined to underarms and legs. Have never waxed either. Tried Nair once and it burned my skin!
    Loved the joke! :-D
    Debbie recently posted…THE ONE WHO GOT AWAYMy Profile

  2. Cynthia! You knocked this one out of the park gf! Holy crap! I would have died laughing if I saw that mess hanging out of her shorts. Personally, I don’t care what you do with it but just keep that crap covered up! No one wants to see your jungle hanging out of your shorts or skirt and quite frankly, if it’s doing any hanging out, DAYUUM at least TRIM it! Good lawd bishes be crazy!
    Bren recently posted…Somethings Are Better Off…UnknownMy Profile

  3. Girl you have my laughing like crazy over here and I’m all alone so my neighbors must think I”m going nuts!

    Yuck…so sorry you had to see that but I would have looked twice myself to make sure :) WOW…

    My personal preference is the Brazilian wax. I just think it’s cleaner that way especially during that time of the month you know.

    Aye girl this was one crazy post LOL!
    Corina Ramos recently posted…La Bella Baskets or Start Your Own Gift Basket BusinessMy Profile

  4. can you see the bewildered look on my face?! like how does that happen?? could she not feel anything…a draft…something rubbing or pulling?? grooming (or not) is different for each person, but please don’t subject the general public to such travesties!
    miss donna recently posted…fashion blogging lessons | star in your own showMy Profile

    • Hi Donna,

      I don’t think that she felt a draft or anything. She did not seem to notice it. Every time I have seen her in the past, she was wearing a dress so may it is natural thing that I am missed in the past.

  5. Lol this is funny. I maintain my grass every 2 weeks I have a few friends that get it waxed but I am scared of pain so I hold on that end. I think it should be covered until you mow it.
    Kita recently posted…Traveling BluesMy Profile

  6. Hi Cynthia:

    I laughed until I could hardly get my breath! How you can maintain a sense of humor in the midst of moving mayhem is beyond me. You are my hero!


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