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Does the way you dress have an impact?

Dreaming about a new houseWhen I was a little girl, each morning I awoke thinking: “I cannot wait until I get to my 20′s for that American dream”.  Marriage, children, big house, and possibly a really beautiful, big dog in the back of my SUV.”

Well, I did the marriage thing in my 20′s, but didn’t get around to the children thing until I was in my late 30′s.

I am a girl who has always prided myself on being beautiful and staying somewhat fit (as long as it did not interfere with my chardonnay routine).  But now that I have a child, everything seems a little foreign to me.  My body seems to be a bit older and I am doing things that only my grandmother was brave enough to tell me about.  The time I used to spend on health and beauty seems to have disappeared. Exercise and beauty routines are a distant memory.

Take this weekend for example when I ventured into London:  I was in an expensive store. Suddenly I took a look at myself and thought: “This makes no sense.  You should not be this floppy!” 

As we get older, I think that we spend a lot less time thinking of ourselves as sexy or beautiful. Instead, we start to see ourselves  as the “mom”, “wife”,”business executive” or combinations of these roles.

Masculine Woman

I think that all of us who purchase the “floppy” clothes and have makeup in our bags since from before our children were born need to take a moment to appreciate ourselves and change that.  I once read an article that stated that the way you look has a direct impact on the way you feel about yourself.

I have noticed that, since I started to be a “floppy” person, I feel more self-conscious.  I have started to question if I am pretty enough, good enough, smart enough, a good mother, a good friend, and all the nasty feelings that come with low self-esteem.  Who would have thought that my Lancome makeup, Gucci perfume, and Steve Madden heels have that much  impact on how I feel about myself? It is not a self-esteem issue, it is a consciousness about how I have let myself go and put myself in second place to everything else in my life from relationships to child rearing.

Nervous Teenage Girl

Growing up in the south, we are told that clothes do not make the person and I have to say that I agree. BUT, I will add that while a nice sundress in the summer, cute sandals, a nice weave (haircut/hairdo), and putting some makeup on might not define who you are, these things can certainly affect how you take charge of your stride and command to be noticed.

So ladies, I think that we owe ourselves a little something this spring.  If you don’t like the number on the scale, commit to walking, swimming or whatever you enjoy.  I know that I could lose 20 to 30 pounds and look fab, but I am only going to start my journey with five pounds and to that 5 pounds I am going to add a shower a day. (Who’s with me? I’m sure many of you miss a day occasionally when you have a deadline or a baby at home!) I am going to apply make up and I will also commit to a beautiful hair do  each day.  Treat yourself once in awhile. You know you are beautiful on the inside. Let’s do it up on the outside every now and again as well.

Anyone with me on this journey? What can you commit to yourself?

Always Believe in Yourself, Cynthia

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  1. I did ok until our first child, then going to the gym became a lot harder and getting my body back to how it was is a struggle.How I dress can have a big impact, I find that pretty floaty dresses cover me well and make me feel more positive, while I get myself back into shape.All the best, Emily @ <a href

  2. I sooooo need to jump on this bandwagon, especially after my annual exam last week and seeing my weight! Eeek! Summer is coming and I plan on being a lil more active outside with Titan so hopefully, I’ll get a teeny bit off. BTW, you look beautiful just as you are gf! Muwah!

  3. I’m with you!!! It is hard though. I’m a stay-at-home mom (my fifth year) and of course as the years go by, less and less time is spent on me and more on the kids,husband, cooking, cleaning, driver, etc. I do try to keep my hair short so that I can maintain it. I still work out in the morning. However, dressing up has become a chore. I normally stay in my workout clothes all day. I know, “ugh.” Though, that does make me shower daily: a chore within itself. But, I am going to try harder to hop back in the cute clothes that I would normally wear around the town. Plus, some makeup.
    Sharon recently posted…How to Make Homemade Liquid Hand SoapMy Profile

    • Hi Sharon,

      I am on day five on my “I will not dress poorly anymore.” It is a really chore to make the extra time for myself especially since I normally spend my early morning working on the computer. Maybe it will be a little easier over the next 3.5 weeks since my child will be out of school on Easter break. I will have to say that I do feel better. I have really gotten out of my exercise routine. I am hoping that moving back to the states where I have exercise equipment in the house will help me. Looking forward to reading your post on homemade liquid hand soap.

      cynthiatw recently posted…The Boxing Match of HappinessMy Profile

  4. I went through the same sort of thing last year (when my youngest was 4). I was sick of dressing like a “mom” wanted to get back to being sexy – and caring about the way I looked when I went out of the house. And that’s exactly what I did. I lost a ton of weight and bought a whole new wardrobe.
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) recently posted…My Little HandymanMy Profile

  5. I am 100% with you! Dressing nice, doing your hair, throwing on a little makeup really goes a long way with how you feel about yourself as opposed to what people think of you. I said from the second I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter that I wouldn’t fall into that stigma of your typical “mom” – no mom jeans, mini vans, out of date clothing, etc. It is really harder than I thought! You definitely feel a bit torn in a sense of being that mom figure to your kids vs. that sexy, trendy chick you were before the kids. I struggle with that balance every day! But staying on top of the latest trends, accessorizing and makeup really does help :-)
    Amanda recently posted…Meatless Friday’s: Rigatoni alla VodkaMy Profile

  6. Love this!! I’m a new mom, and I decided that I want to be an amazing mom and still keep up with the trends. It’s harder than I thought, but I feel like I haven’t lost my true self.


    • Hi Sara,

      I really had to cut down on the time that I spent with my friends once I had a child. What most of us do now it try to tallk a few times a month. I do have a few friends that I still talk to everyday. But for the most part, I really had to scale back. Luckily most of them have children around the same age so they are don’t feel that I am neglected them.
      cynthiatw recently posted…Does the way you dress have an impact?My Profile

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