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Why Should Santa get Credit for My Hard Work?

Christmas is always an interesting season because while some of us get really excited about the holidays there are other people who do not celebrate Christmas for various reasons.  So, as you put on your favorite Christmas sweater to go out spread some holiday cheer, you have to be sensitive of others who don’t feel that Christmas should be such a big celebration.  They should also be sensitive to you.

In my household Santa is a huge deal.  I have actually created a fake phone number on my cell phone for him.  So, when my child is misbehaving I will pull “his number” up on the cell phone and say I have a direct number to Santa.  Do you need to make a call?  It is amazing how that can change the behavior of my daughter.  Children love believing in Santa.  And parents, well, we love having that “weapon” to use when our kids are misbehaving, don’t we?

As a parent, I believe that when a child has a healthy imagination it makes for a more creative young adult.  I love to watch my child play with her American Dolls.  She creates beautiful lives for them.  It is all about dreaming.  I always say to her to dream big in your imaginary world so you can build great things in the real world.  She usually looks at me like I’m drinking when I say this.  Someday she’ll understand.

Yesterday, I went out dressed in red.  I am really into the Christmas spirit this year.  I want this to be a happy, happy Christmas.  Yes, I said happy twice!  I have finally read my truck manual and figured out how to play music from my IPOD.  I’m still struggling with how to upload music, but at least now I can get “my church” on and listen to my Christmas music.

I also bought wrapping paper yesterday so I could get an early start on my Christmas wrapping for the few gifts I have purchased.  First, I had to make a couple of returns.  I went to the customer service counter where there was a nice, friendly gentleman who seemed eager to have a conversation.

“How are your holidays going ma’am?” he asked.

I smiled.  He was clearly in the holiday spirit.  I wanted to complain to someone about the price of toys.   He had a wedding ring and was a bit older, so I assumed he had a child or two.

“My holidays are going great.  Thank you for asking.  How are yours going? “I asked.

“They are going okay ma’am” he responded.  And then we had some boring conversation about my return.

“Ma’am, have you finished all your Christmas shopping?”  He asked.  This was further validation that he wanted to talk about Christmas.

“I am still doing my shopping. I started a little late this year. I really need to get things in gear so that Santa will have some things in his big red bag to put under the tree” I responded.

At that moment, the clerk stopped what he was doing and looked up at me. You know that look your father gave you just before he laid down that harsh punishment for missing curfew or taking the car without permission.  Or the stare your mama used to give you in child when you were misbehaving.

“I told my son when he was 4 or 5 there was no Santa.  Why should a fat man in a red suit get the credit for all of my hard work?” He delivered.   And then with a more intense stare just in case I did not get the message that he was serious.

“I bust my ass every day. I work 10 plus hours a day to put food on the table, clothing on his back, and give my child shelter.  He needs to know where the money comes from and I cannot give credit to someone else for my hard work.”

Folks, I was gum smacked as my hosting British would say.  What the heck?  Where did that come from.  What do you say to a person like that?   Except……

“Okay, I understand.”  I could not believe it. I am rarely speechless.  But this man have throw me on the shocked and silence bus. I have no words.   Everyone one loves Santa or so I thought.

So what do you think about Santa taking credit for your hard work?   Do you feel like this father that Santa is stealing your glory?

Just Another Maniac Monday

Tell us what do you think about our good friend Santa and a customer service experience that has gone badly this holiday season and we will give the first five people who share their experience a $5.00 gift card to Starbucks!

Always Believe in Yourself, Cynthia

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  1. I love Christmas, but hate lines, getting gifts for people that I cant figure out what they want! I have had bad customer service interactions in the past, but usually just requires a lot of patience in order for it to be worked out!

  2. I like the idea of santa, however I also want my kids to think realistically about gifts, not just “santa will get me everything on the wish list if Im good.”

    Ive actually had great customer service experiences this month, my husband and I gave ourselves a home renovation, and home depot took back stuff that we didnt end up needing without a huge hassel (we forgot the receipt and they were so cool). store credit = husband gift!

    • Hi Kim,

      Love Home Depot.. have to admit they are my favorite. Can not wait to get back to the US so that I can have a good walk around Home Depot. Santa is awesome for young children. At my house, we set limits. I always tell my child, you can make a long list for Santa but Santa has to make toys for all the children in the world so you will not get everything on your list. Santa also looks at things that you need like shoe, clothing, and books so don’t be suprise if Santa takes care of your wants and needs. It works great because there are mutiple hugs for everything. And we never give Santa credit for the most expensive gift because we think it is important that our child knows that mom and dad gave you that
      cynthiatw recently posted…Is Cuddling Underused?My Profile

  3. The holidays are by far the worst time for me to go shopping. I don’t want my purchase with a side of holiday cheer or worse, your personal opinion. Shopping is my place of zen. I’d actually prefer having as little interaction with others as possible during these outtings.

    Also, the whole Santa reveal shouldn’t have a specific deadline. That’s not to say that I feel a 15 year old kid should still not be in the know about the whole thing, but little kids need something jolly to believe in. He’s probably just disgruntled about his own life circumstances. Forget him!
    Lindsay recently posted…Things That Bother Me, A Single Faux PasMy Profile

  4. Hi Gail,

    I know that customer service is a difficult task. I was a claim adjuster in my former life so that is always a delicate balance. If he truly did that to his child, what a horrible situation for his young child. Luckily there were no children around or I would have used the power granted to me to make sure that he was no longer a factor in that department.

    The holidays are really stressful and for the last few years, money has been really tight. I know that we have cut back on our Christmas spending not so much because we have seen a dip in our income but because we need to prepare for the future when our incomes are not as fruitful. So I often wonder are grumpy people using there is no santa a defense when the money is not there.

    cynthiatw recently posted…Why Should Santa get Credit for My Hard Work?My Profile

  5. Santa is magical. Why ruin it for young kids? My older sister ruined it for me (bluntly) when I was 7. I still remember that moment!!

    I honestly haven’t had any truly horrible customer service experiences as a customer this holiday season. I worked in retail until recently, and the straw that broke the camel’s back was a customer throwing her purchase at me because I placed her receipt in the bag. -.-

    I think it’s a two-way street in terms of a pleasant experience. A customer may be kind, and the employee may not be… and vice versa. If a customer or employee asks me how my day/week/life was going, I respond with “Good, thanks.” There are appropriate times and situations to “vent,” and I don’t think a customer-employee interaction is a good idea.

    The customer is usually responsible for setting the tone for the conversation. The employee (trained to be pleasant to every customer) greets everyone universally. If a customer starts ranting, the polite reaction is to sympathize and maybe offer your own anecdote. It’s unprofessional for the employee to start complaining about his/her problems and to even expect commiseration from the customer!

    My most recent unpleasant customer service experience was at a department store. I intended to use a coupon that was for a % off clearance jewelry. The employee, before scanning my item for the price, kept insisting that my coupon wouldn’t work. She even called over another employee, who said the same. I responded, “It’s a clearance bracelet. Scan it, then try my coupon!” So they did…and I was right. No apology from them, so the rest of the exchange was tense and here I am, writing about it online!

  6. I love Santa for my little man! He is almost 3 and it is all very magical to him now…I could never take that away from him. On the other hand I have to agree with that father…we work very hard to give everyone an amazing Christmas experience just so Santa can steal our thunder! With that being said, I still will continue to give credit over to Santa, because he is real and magical in the eyes of children!
    I also had a somewhat bad customer service experience this Christmas… The woman working at khols was just very inconsiderate to the children around her while she kept complaining about parents” that buy too many gifts for their kids and pass it off that some magical fat man made them all and delivered them in one night”. Thankfully, the few kids that were near didn’t ny pay an!y attention to the conversations and I am so happy that my son couldnt understand yet

    • Hi Christy,

      The way that I look at the guy in the red suit, our children eventually learn that mom and dad worked really hard to make these dreams come true. They may not appreciate your efforts now but look down the road a few years when they are well adjust adults telling their children about thouse great Christmas memories. My child might not know that mom and dad were the ones who source her that $300.00 sectional for her American Girl doll right now but when she is an adult she will look at us and think what great parent I had for making sure that I had the best.
      cynthiatw recently posted…Why Should Santa get Credit for My Hard Work?My Profile

  7. Hi Cynthia:

    I, too, was shocked by this “customer service representative’s” attitude. I fear he might have had the same conversation with you had your daughter been present!! How sad to be so small-minded that he felt he had to shatter his kids’ belief in Santa–all so he would get credit for the gift-giving!

    It amazes me that stores will put the people with the worst attitudes in customer service. Hello? It’s customer service not the let’s-make-sure-people-never-want-to-shop-here-ever-again department! Isn’t this one of the places smart managers would want to put their most personable employees?

    Granted, customer service departments can get hairy during those days after Christmas when returns start pouring in. But, right now, they have little excuse for their pessimism.

    We’ve all had customer service horror stories. I once tried to return a DVD that was a Blu-Ray–a fact I did not discover before I got home. The customer service rep kept telling me they couldn’t accept returns on DVD’s that had been opened and I kept telling her it hadn’t been opened. Clearly, the seal was intact. She was just as adamant that I might, somehow, have replaced the seal. Through the shrink wrap? I only look like a magician!!

    Finally, I asked to see her supervisor who rolled her eyes, apologized, and immediately refunded my money. I hope the service representative was transferred to the plant department!

    On the up side, some customer service representatives manage to retain their good humor and polite manner even in the midst of Christmas Returns–coming soon to a store near you! THOSE people are my heroes!

    Have a great Monday!

    glennon recently posted…Why Should Santa get Credit for My Hard Work?My Profile

  8. Wow! Quite the experience that you had. I personally want my kids to believe in santa while they still have that magic in them to do so. When they find out it will be when they are ready enough to… and my children are 9 and 11. I recently went to do some of my shopping and when I got to the cash I realized after all of my order went through that I had forgotten my bank card in the car. I embarassingly explained to the cashier what had happened and she just rolled her eyes and looked at the rest of the line behind me while giving a snarly look to me. When I returned to the cash no more than 2 minutes later, I appologized for any inconvenience I may have caused her (even though it was her job to be at the cash regardless). she then put on the snotty face that she had on prior to me leaving. I was so bothered by this that it ruined my afternoon. Some people should understand that it is a busy chaotic time of year for many people.

    • Hi Laurie,

      I really hate when customer service representative are rude. Accidents happen, you leave your wallet in the car or you leave it at home. The great thing about technically is they can suspend the transaction, take the next customer and wait for your return. I feel that customer service is getting worst this days. Thank you for sharing your customer service nightmare with us.

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