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Rekindling The Fire in Your Relationship

Relationships take a lot of work. When you add a family with all its extra responsibilities, it gets harder to find together time as a couple. Before children arrived, most of us put a lot of effort into keeping the zest in our relationship. With the demands of family and work life, keeping the fire in your relationship can present some challenges. What can you and your partner do to keep the spice in your relationship?
Affectionate mixed-race couple

Let’s look at some ways that you can rekindle the fire you felt for your partner when you first met. We understand that you have hectic daily lives so here are some little things that you can do to reignite the sparks and heat up the passion. Maintaining your relationship does not have to take hours! You can achieve a passionate life by dedicating an extra ten to thirty minutes to your partner each day.

Express Passion

Expressing passion is healthy. For some of us that is hard to do. Passion doesn’t have to mean hot, naughty, sweaty foreplay. You can show passion for your partner in many different forms. It can be expressed verbally or physically. When was the last time you made out with your partner? Do you remember those passionate no-holding-back kisses just before you had to go out the door to work in the morning. Why not revive those fiery smooches? Believe me! The last thing your partner will expect is you slipping him the “tongue” just before he walks out the door for a big meeting. Think about the smile both of you will wear all day long after that good-bye kiss!

Put that tee shirt away just for tonight


pink lingerie


Most of us have pushed the sexy lingerie to back of the closet or drawer. Many of us have even out-grown it after a couple of babies. Why not buy something new? There are lots of lingerie options out there that can help you look sexy. Many of the styles are flattering to your mature, more voluptuous figure. If you are worried about how you will look, don’t be. The Redhead Ritter said it best when she wrote an article for the Fancy Lingerie Store.

[quote]Every woman is sexy! So let that soak into your DNA and get it established in your mind. Another thing to remember is: The man in your life does not think the same way as you do. Men think women are sexy…period. Doesn’t that take the pressure off and make it less stressful to have “perfect” body parts that will make you sexy? You don’t have to feel like you need to change something in hopes of becoming sexy! So now you don’t have to worry about having a riper body because you are ALWAYS SEXY. Feel it.[/quote]

So put away your tee shirts a few times a month and discover the sexy you. Your partner will appreciate it. He’ll show you by helping to rekindle that passion in your relationship. If you are looking for some great lingerie, the Fancy Lingerie Store has some incredible things. Their stock is reasonably priced so it will not break the budget. You can buy two or three pieces. And the icing on the passion cake is: they offer free shipping. This gives you a little extra shopping money.

Steam up Your Relationship!

We have all seen that steamy shower scene from “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” and thought: Heaven above, if there is a man upstairs? Please let Taye Diggs be in my shower!
Naked man and woman hugging

Why not create your own passionate shower scene? Climb into the shower and scrub, rub away.

Rub It Down

How about a massage? Nothing gets you in the mood for passion like a skin-to-skin massage. Get skimpy! Pull out the oils and have a little relaxing fun giving each other a massage.

Role Playing

We all have fantasies. Why not act out one? Have you ever dreamed of being a French maid or a naughty nurse? Why not put on a sexy costume and go for it? I am sure that sexy outfit will make dusting much more fun. Your partner will never have enjoyed his trip to the doctor quite so much as he will when the naughty nurse is part of the fantasy!
French Maid

Rekindling the passion in your relationship can make the two of you feel like you just started dating again. Relationships thrive and survive because you continue to make an effort to engage in passionate experiences with your partner.

What are you doing to rekindle the fire in YOUR relationship? We’d love to hear from you!

Always Believe in Yourself, Cynthia

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  1. This is a great post by Cynthia. I enjoy reading this! BTW, some of your suggestions are great for rekindling the relationship into a hot steamy one. I’m always been afraid that when my daughter leave the house, it’ll just me and my husband alone in the house…and I don’t wanna end up like these 2 couples looking at each other, not knowing what to do. Thank God it’s not like that with us. Our relationship is still steamy. My husband still gets turn on a lingerie. Sometimes I put it on just for him. But, I think the MAIN thing he likes in me is being CLEAN. Meaning, I have taken a shower that day and not neglecting myself such as “exercise” or something. Anyway, thank you for sharing this post!

    Angela McCall recently posted…First 10 Headers Are FREEMy Profile

  2. I love these ideas. I will admit as a man, I love to little romantic things for the lady that I am with. I love to write the occassional note and the unexpected foot massage. I love the idea of the passionate kiss. It is amazing because that is something we stop doing early in a relationship. I always love those can not keep your hands off of her moments. Great list of ideas.
    Edison Lawson recently posted…EmpowerMy Profile

  3. This is a relevant post to many I’m sure. I’m not there yet but I’ll remember these things. I think the thing that would excite my mate is to not wear the pin curls and head scarf on my head at night:) Thanks for visiting me, It’s really nice over here.
    Joi recently posted…Friday Fitness Check In: Resolution Solutions to Weight LossMy Profile

  4. As I guy I have to say this also holds true for those of us who don’t have kids too.

    Long work days, the normal stresses of life, and other factors also are a strain on a relationship. We still need to mix it up and have fun at times too to keep things fun and fresh.
    Phil recently posted…Eating grumpy! My NYC dining rants & ravings.My Profile

    • Hi Phil,

      Hope you are having a great weekend. Thank you for letting us know that men feel they need to rekindle their relationships at time as well. I will have to say that our careers can put a toll on our relationship. Even before a child, I sometimes has problems finding the energy for fun after a 40 to 50 hour work week and a long compute.
      cynthiatw recently posted…EmpowerMy Profile

  5. date night!! the $ for a babysitter is well spent!
    momto8blog recently posted…Be The DifferenceMy Profile

    • Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. I know for my husband and I we often lose sight of our relationship with everything that we have going on, but it’s important not to let that happen (easier said than done). Paying a babysitter absolutely is money well spent! And, a lot of times you don’t realize it until you’ve gone out, had a great time and remember what it’s like to have fun with the one you love.

      Heather T recently posted…Rekindling The Fire in Your RelationshipMy Profile

    • Hello,

      Date night always rock. When you are a mom, you something don’t have the opportunity to put on that little black dress. Date night allows you to get out and feel like the woman you were prior “mommy, mommy, me first”
      cynthiatw recently posted…Reason He Has Not Made You His WifeMy Profile

  6. Great post Cynthia! You know, it has to be a two way street imo. If one continues to try to spice things up and the other just kinda shrugs the attempts off, the one who was trying will eventually give up. Can the relationship survive that? I think so depending on why your with that person. Why did you marry them? Were they your best friend? Or did you marry because the sex was HAWT and steamy. For me, it’s the lil flirtation things I do. He either accepts or brushes me off. :/
    Brenda recently posted…Kryptonite!My Profile

    • Hi Brenda. Thanks for stopping by. I agree that it is a two way street and both people in a relationship need to make an effort when it comes to rekindling their relationship. If one person is trying more than the other, that definitely sends the wrong message and time will tell whether or not a relationship can survive that. People need to find the right mixture of love, fun and flirtation to keep the sparks going.

      Heather T recently posted…Rekindling The Fire in Your RelationshipMy Profile

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