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Are you still pretending to be sixteen when it comes to health issues?

Stylish dancing young girlDo you remember when you were sixteen years old and you could not wait to become an adult? I am sure that you had a variety of reasons for wanting to grow up and get out of the house. Some of the reasons could have been as simple as you wanted to go to college, or marry your high school sweetheart. Other reasons may have been even more complicated, like you wanted to escape a dysfunctional situation.

Now let’s fast forward to the present. What is your life like? Are you still stuck in the mindset of a sixteen year old? Are you still in the mode of: I cannot wait for my life can to really begin?

Are you are saying: I am not like my sixteen-year-old self. I have finished college, got married, had children, cuddled on occasion with the opposite sex and tried my first adult beverage. I am successful in my career. I have flourished in my relationships. My children are happy. So of course I am nothing like my sixteen-year-old self. Hault! You are wrong! You could be 100% like your sixteen-year-old self!

Basically when you were sixteen years old, you did not know how to use your life skills. These skills helped you learn how to take care of yourself. In life, we often do not take care of ourselves. We take care of all the people who are around us. But, in the process, we often neglect ourselves.

Do you remember when you were sixteen years old and you would get an unexplained bruise? What did you do about it? Nothing probably! You just assumed that it would go away over time. And you were probably right!

So let’s fast forward to now. What do you do when those unexplained bruises occur now? Most of us will do nothing about it. Did you know that an unexplained bruise could be serious? You should consult your doctor immediately. It is not natural for a bruise to stay longer than a few weeks. You could have tissue damage.

Ankle Sprain

As we get older, intimacy is supposed to be better. We are supposed to be better at it. But do you know what to do if you are a male and you get bruised during intimacy? Did you know there could be an underlying medical issue such as a blood condition? You should consult your doctor.

Couple having sex - man on topWe all get embarrassed when talking to our doctor about that area down there near the zippers on our trousers but an open discussion with your doctor could be a lifesaver in the long run.

Most of us played sports in high school or did a lot of rough housing with our friends. During that time, your body was probably in great condition and you were young. As we get older, we need to be more careful about how we treat injuries from sports and rough housing. For example: If you play contact sports and you get a chest injury, if you are still sore in a few days or having trouble breathing, you need to consultant your doctor. It could be something tiny such as cartilage or something big like a cracked rib.

Doctor and patient.When we hear the word selfish most of us cringe and immediately build a wall because we never want to be called selfish. Being selfish about your healthcare is a good thing. When your body is not healing or feeling as it should you need to consider seeking care for your physician. When we were sixteen years old most of the medical issues like bruising went away within a few days. As you get older, you need to proceed with caution when it comes to your health. Don’t treat your health like you did as a sixteen-year-old.


Be Smart With Your Health!


Are you smarter with your health?   Tell me two things you have become smarter about over time when it comes to your health.  The first two people to tell us what two things they have done to ensure they are smarter with their health will receive a Cooking Light Crave cookbook from RMC.

cooking light crave


Always Believe in Yourself, Cynthia

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  1. Alexandra Clatterbuck

    I am exercising everyday and drinking lots of water!!

  2. I realized how (just about everything) I’ve been eating is bad for me, or I ‘ve made it bad with things I’ve added to it. I am so serious about losing weight this time around!

  3. I haven’t thought about my 16 yr old self in ages! But its true-back at 16 I barely went to the dr (only if my neurotic mom thought something was seriously wrong!) Now I have about 3 different docs I see every few months. If only my body was as healthy as it was at 16!! What I have learned is that you can’t fluff some injuries, bumps, bruises or pains off like you used to. Too many scary things out there that could be the underlying reason. Also, can’t take advantage of your health by stuffing your body with bad foods and too much sugars! I was such a sugar junkie as a kid/teen-cutting a lot of that out has made me feel so much better! Great topic, Cynthia so happy to have come across your site from the blog hop! Looking forward to reading more!!
    Amanda recently posted…Meatless Friday’s – Mediterranean Quinoa SaladMy Profile

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