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Mondays Just Have To Be Maniac

It is about 3 weeks before that glorious day in a child’s life.  It is 3 weeks before Christmas vacation.  To be exact it is 14 school days and 17 sleeps before the end of term.

So of course, it is harder to get up in the morning, harder to get to bed, and homework rarely gets completed at night.  So the evening are maniac with late baths, homework crunches, violin lessons, and calls to grandmother only to hop in bed at 10 pm which is 2 hours past a little person bedtime.

So the next morning everyone is tired including mommy but the alarm does not care, it has a job to do and it does it well.

5:00 am – mommy up to check to see if school uniform have dried.

5:15 am – The tea pot is not working and the I pad is not charged.

5:35 am – Time to look at this week’s homework and there is no school bag anywhere

5:36 am – Mommy is freaking out

5:57 am – Check car, the book bag is still in the car

6:07 am – “Why didn’t I buy a teapot that you can heat on the stove?”    I NEED CAFFEINE

6:17 am -   IPAD has a little charge, time to enter spelling words for the week.

7:03 am   – School kit packed

7:12 am   – checking email, looked at time “OH!!!!!”   Child should have been up 20 minutes ago

7:14 am -   “Good Morning, time to get up.  We are late”

7:19 am -   “Good Morning time to get up.”

7:24 am – “Get out the bed NOW!”

7:45 am -   Breakfast and reading

8:06 am – Teeth brush

8:18 am -   Coat is too small but fit last week and we are late for school.

8:43 am -   Arrive at school 13 minutes after the start of class.

Finally child is at school and off to the city I go to buy another $70.00 coat that hangs on the peg at school most of the time. I walk to the Starbucks only to find that it is closed due to a computer issue.  So 4 hours into my day, I have not had tea or coffee.

I head down the street a bit to find the beautiful smell of a Costa Coffee.  I walk in and order a large Cappuccino and now all is right with the world.  I don’t mind so much that I needed to do laundry, drive like a mad person to get to school, drop a $100.00 on school uniforms, and still have to go home and clean.

Just Another Maniac Monday

If you are having a Maniac Monday with laundry, homework, messy house, and unplanned shopping trips, leave the comment “Just Another Maniac Monday and tell us what made your morning Maniac.

The first 5 people will receive a $5.00 Starbucks gift card.



Always Believe in Yourself, Cynthia

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  1. My 2 boys love this time of year. Being 6 and 8 years old nothing but play play play is on their minds right now with Christmas vacation being so close. Heck, same here. I can’t wait for all that time to spend with them.

  2. Just Another Maniac Monday – child with fever- doctors appointments to get to- out of clean laundry- tantrums- running late

  3. Just another manic Monday? Yes, it rather was.

    I’ve got nothing on ya’ll with the diaper issues but I needed to do some shopping on my way home from work Monday morning. Of course, the one store in our area that I had any hopes of finding what I needed on my list didn’t have half the things I needed. Then I go to checkout and realize my money was NOT in my pocket and had to run out to the car to get it. Stopped to get gas only to discover that the price has gone up again. Finally make it home and walked in the house to the image of the cat squatting on the sofa! He has a litterbox. (And it was clean I might add) But he gets really upset being locked in the house with the dog that he doesn’t like at all so since I was half an hour later getting home than usual because of the shopping trip, he decided to show his displeasure. Ugh!

    Here’s to hoping yours gets better!

  4. Just Another Maniac Monday

    My morning was manic because my daughter is getting over an upper respiratory infection and decided to spit her medicine out all over my sweater! I hope she feels better soon.

  5. Just Another Maniac Monday, My Mondays are always a bit Hectic it means time to catch up on all of the chores I slacked off on over the weekend. Thankfully my daughter isn’t in school yet so I didn’t have to deal with that but I did have running around to do.

  6. Not enough sleep and too much to do at work made me manic. I hate going back to work after a long time off.

  7. Work up late for work this morning, had to give dog medicine that refused to open mouth, forgot lunch on counter, and forgot to fill up tank the other night. Add morning sickness and it’s a Manic Monday! :)


  8. Just another manic monday!

    getting 4 kids together to get to school and let the two dogs in and feeding all 6…

    1.5 year old decided to take of a poopy diaper and run around the house with a naked dirty butt, while the 3 year old needed help changing out of her pajamas and the other 3 year old had a melt down about not finding matching socks and the 6 year old got trampled by the dogs wanting to be fed. and ended up 2 minutes late to school…

    yayyyy!!! did i mention i forgot snack for school so had to go ohme and run the snack back to school?

    yay mondays!

    • Hi Jennie,

      Wow, you had a horrible day. I really need to double your coffee bucks. When I child was under 2, we had our house painted. She watched and decide that she would remove her diaper and create a little wall art. It was not pretty, clean, or without odor. The painters charged us an extra $500.00 for that area of the wall. I hope the snacks were yummy and the gas was less than $4.00 a gallon.

      Helping with your Monday

      Cynthia and Heather!

  9. Just Another Maniac Monday – Ugh this morning my 6 year old was a mess. He didn’t want to go back to school today after the long holiday weekend, spilled his milk at the breakfast table and was just sluggish and dragging his feet.
    Diane N – Philzendia recently posted…Showing A Little Leg With Duane Reade LegwearMy Profile

  10. “Just Another Maniac Monday! Back to the routine of school for son after 5 1/2 days off. Coffee helped!

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