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Do Men Overlook Nice Girls?

There is the saying that nice guys finish last?  Do you agree with the statement?  Personally, I think it is a copout statement.  The reason that I am bringing this up is because a friend of mine recently told me that nice girls finish last as well.   She is a single, successful woman.

Irritated Blond Woman

“Being a nice girl has not served me well.  Guys prefer bitchy women!”

What do you think?  Do you think that guys prefer bitchy women over the nice girl?  Do you think that as men we treat nice girls, like loyal fans? Are we euphoric about having a nice girl for a friend but when it comes to love we are looking for a warrior, a fighter, or the bad girl?  A girl that will call us in the middle of the nice and tell us to show up in saran wrap, slap us in the middle an argument, curse us out for spending times with our friends, or pop on a chastity belt because we took them to Olive Garden on a Friday night instead of Ruth Chris?

“Men are looking for a woman that will treat them like ****.  Put them on a dog leash and train them to submit.  You are competitive creatures. If you cannot hunt down the ***** then you just want to use and abuse it. And throw it back!”

I will agree that men can be a bit competitive but so can our beautiful female counterparts.  Competiveness is not gender bias.  It is a way of life. It is the way that we all succeed.  You need a minimum amount of competitiveness to survive.

Dominated by a woman

I can only speak for myself.  Even though I have seen some of my friends fall for that bitchy girl act, I rarely see a man with self esteem take it too far.  The way that I see it, bitchy girls are like bullies.  They beat up on you until you give in. I don’t want that kind of relationship when someone has to stomp on my manhood to keep me in check.  I don’t like head games, sex deprivation, or anyone who feels that she has to check me.  I am not property. I am another human being.  Bring on the nice girls!

So what do you think about men?  Do we prefer bitchy women?  And do you think that nice girls finish last?

Life is about seeking out chances and knock 'em out the park!

About Edison Lawson

Hey Richly Middle Class friends, I am Edison. Heather and Cynthia has been nice enough to allow me to write some post from a guy's point of view over the next few months. I promise to try to keep them emtertaining with a life lesson behind them. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of a great website ladies. I love comments. So please feel free to jump in there or on me if there is something that you don't like. Looking forward to hearing from you all you out there. Edison


  1. Hi Edison,

    Thank you for doing another great article for us. I can not sy that I have ever been a bitchy girl except at the end of the relationship when you know that it needs to end but you are still hanging on for some dumb reason. I don’t think that nice girls finish last. I do think that we have to be a little more patient. I think that a lot of us because we know that we are nice put ourselves out their too early and miss out on Mr. Right while we are courting Mr. Wrong all in the name of being a nice girl. Great article. Let’s catch up this week.
    cynthiatw recently posted…Oh My, look at the Size of that Thing!My Profile

  2. I think you summed it up when you said bitchy girls are like bullies. I cannot understand how anyone would be in a long lasting relationship with someone hounding them all the time. I think it may be fun for a while, but not as a committed relationship.

    Glad I met you via Sonia’s blog.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Flying The Coop For Fresh Eyes On Your BusinessMy Profile

  3. Hmmm I know I am not nice lol my hubs is though I only dated the bad boys he was the first nice one I came in contact with he peaked my interest because he was not my norm so it worked for me.
    Kita recently posted…JambalayaMy Profile

  4. I think some men prefer the “bitch” and others prefer the “nice”. Not sure why men do but they just do. Maybe it’s age related? Younger men prefer the naughty, bitchy type whereas the older a man gets he prefers the nicer, Ms. Goody Two Shoes? :)
    Bren recently posted…Deployments: Just Like That, It All Came Rushing BackMy Profile

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