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A Guys Perfect Date

Sexy man in tuxedo waiting for his dateYou may think women are the only ones who dream of having perfect dates, but that isn’t true. Men envision the type of date they would like to have when they plan for an evening with you.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not concerned about what we will get at the end of the night.

Another misconception about men is that they aren’t romantic or don’t put as much thought or effort into a date that a woman does. Men do.

[quote]Guys have their ideas of perfect dates, as well, although they may differ slightly from what a woman wants.[/quote] Men aren’t as wrapped up in what restaurant they will take you to eat at, or where you’ll go for an after movie cocktail, or if they’ll buy you flowers. Men are more concerned with three things. The first is how much all of this going to cost them. Even if the man is wealthy, or the date is inexpensive, he’ll still think about how much he’s going to shell out on a date that may or may not pan out for him.
When a man takes a woman on a date, he has one concern. The concern is to ensure that you have a good time.  A man will does not mind spending money on a fun date. He doesn’t want to spend money and time on something that won’t be fun for the both of you. If you aren’t having fun, then he won’t have fun, so what’s the point in even doing it?

know thy role
Finally, a man wants to connect with who he’s on a date with, and not just in a romantic way. If you are going out and spending time, money, and effort, he wants to have fun with you and leave the date feeling like he may have a second date and (if nothing else), he made a connection and had a good time.
While these are the three main ideals for a perfect date for almost any man (and should be for almost any woman), a man could also be concerned of what type of date he’ll take you on. Obviously, he wants to get to know you, but almost any woman can attest that men don’t want to do a lot of talking or listen to a lot of talking. Men are more physical. They enjoy doing things, not talking about doing things.

If a man were to choose a perfect date for them, it would probably involve having you along with them to their favorite sporting event (provided you like sports) or taking you for a nature walk. Anything that would let this man know about you, as you learn about him, and have fun would be his perfect date idea.

Always Believe in Yourself, Cynthia

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