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Happy Mother’s Day to Grandmothers Everywhere!

Louise Wyse wrote: “A mother becomes a true grandmother the day she stops noticing the terrible things her children do because she is so enchanted with the wonderful things her grandchildren do.”

Were there ever cuter, smarter, more lovable people than your grandchildren?

Gails grandchildren

When you have grandchildren it is easy to feel like a dinosaur. Little kids, in awe, ask what it was like before there were video games and electricity. They want to know if there were schools when you were their age or if you lived in a log cabin.

Whenever I am convinced that they are plotting to find a home for me, I gain inspiration from grandmothers who have enjoyed many many Mother’s Days with their children, their children’s children, and in my mom’s case, her children, their children and their children’s children.


There is no more inspirational story than that of Mollie Wood who has celebrated scores of Mothers’ Days. Last May, she had her first great, great, great grandmothers’ day. A very young 111-year-old, Mollie cherishes the six generations photo taken that day. Pictured with her as six generations of women: her 88 year-old daughter, her daughter and the mother of sixteen-year-old new mom, Savannah, with her newborn, two-week-old Braylin. Now there’s a poster family for Mother’s Day!

Around the world, on the second Sunday of May, sons and daughter, grandsons and granddaughters, nieces and nephews will place long-distance calls to the special women in their lives. Florists will have the best week of their entire year and jewelry will fly out of upscale establishments. Tons of decadent chocolates will be mass produced so there is enough to meet the demands of this special day. Restaurants will do a landslide business as families take moms and grandmothers and other special women in their lives out for brunch or dinner.

For me, Mother’s Day is a special time to spend precious moments with the two extremes of my family: my nearly eighty-eight-year-old mother and my nearly eight-year-old grandchildren. What could be a greater gift than time spent together?

Gails mom

My own grandmothers lived near me when I was a child. I used to love spending time with each of them. For a day, a few hours, or for a special sleepover, I was an only child. Don’t get me wrong! I love my siblings. But, every once in a while, it was nice to be the only kid and have grandma time. I hope my grandchildren will remember the time I spend baking and losing at video games with them as fondly as I remember gardening and canning and making jams and pickles with my grandmothers.

Do you have a special grandma story? We’d love to hear it!

Whether you’re a mother or a grandmother, or you would like to send a special gift to your own mother or grandmother who deserves a great mother’s day gift, this is a perfect gift for these special women.

Happy Mother’s Day

Be the change you'd like to see in the world. Gandhi - Always, Gail

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  1. I didn’t grow up with grandparents, but I can just tell the joy that they experience. A grandmother no longer worries about homework being done, rooms being cleaned, particular meals being eaten. Just pure fun and enjoyment of being with the grans. I know that when I approach that time in my life, I look forward to spoiling my grandkids and sending them right on back to my children….
    Sharon recently posted…Caramelized Tuscan French Toast!My Profile

    • Hi Sharon. Thanks for your comment. You are so right in your observations. My mother-in-law is a wonderful grandmother who had five children of her own. I often times watch how she completely “let’s go” and enjoys every minute with my kids. Yet, I know she can relate all too well with the continuous to-do’s of motherhood. When that time approaches for me, I, too, will look forward to being completely involved in my grandchildren’s lives.

      Have a great day!

      Heather T recently posted…Skin Cancer PreventionMy Profile

    • Hi Sharon:

      First thanks for the caramelized French toast recipe! YUM!
      You are so right about grandchildren. Grandparents were put on this earth to give kids a sense of continuity–and to spoil them! That’s what my grandparents did and they excelled at both jobs!

      Thanks for your observations!

      glennon recently posted…Skin Cancer PreventionMy Profile

    • Hi Sharon,

      You won me over with your waffle recipe. I was lucky, I lived with my grandparent most of my life. My grandmother and grand dad was the best. I mis them so much. I will have to admit that I waited really late to have a child so I am hoping that I am around to spoil my grandchildren and send them home.
      cynthiatw recently posted…Skin Cancer PreventionMy Profile

  2. Love grandmas they are so special. The ones I know are nicer to the grandkids than they ever were to the actual kids lol. I know I could get away with anything with my granny but not my mom and my mom said my grandmother was strict on them it was not fair.
    Kita recently posted…And the winner isMy Profile

  3. Hi Cynthia:

    Thanks, since I had nothing to do genetically with those ever so cute grandkids I just enjoy them and brag about how cute and smart they are!

    Yes, I was incredibly lucky to have two sets of grandparents nearby. I am glad you were able to spend quality time with your grandmother. She must be an amazing lady. Look at how well you turned out!

    glennon recently posted…Are You Among the Walking Dead?My Profile

  4. Hi Gail,

    First of all I have to say that is the cutest baby in the world. You have a beautiful family and your mother looks amazing. We don’t live near grandparents so Madyson does not get to experience the joy of grandparents very often but it is something that I plan to change in the future. I will try not to move out of the country again in the near future even though England is slowing growing on me. I was so lucky to have grown up with an amazing grandmother who taught me a lot. I will have to attribute what she taught me to the mother that I am today. Being my mom and my grandmother, I’ve had some wonderful role models.
    cynthiatw recently posted…Mother’s Day Giveaway 2013My Profile

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