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How Did the Aliens Get into My Bra?

With age, I have noticed that I have started to neglect some of the things in my wardrobe. I cannot say that I am doing it on purpose; it is just not something that I think about as often as I used to.   Maybe that is saying a little bit about me as well and my need to be pretty in hidden places. I am now looking for comfort during the day. I have paid my dues of 4 to5 in heels and skin tight dresses.

This morning, the pesky “friend” that lives beside my bed reminded me that it was 7:00 a.m. and I needed to greet another cold, rainy, dark, English day.   So, I got up and started my morning routine, turned on the computer, prayed for an email from someone other than Toys R Us, and took a shower.

After the shower, I pulled out the garment that a lot of us wish that we could skip for most of the day.  Yes, folks! I am talking about that over-the-shoulder- boulder-holder, more commonly known by your grandmother as a brassiere.

Anyone who has lived in England knows mornings are not known for warmth in the winter—even inside your house.  So, I wanted to get my garments on quickly. But, my bra was not fitting.  When it comes to lingerie, I don’t keep ones that no longer fit hoping that I will drop a size or two and get back into these undies later. I have been living with my girls for a long time. So I know there will be limited shrinkage in that area.

This morning, as I struggled to put on my boulder holder, it did not fit as well as it had last week.  In fact it seems more like a pasty than the cup of a bra. Well, if I was trying to get a little morning fun, it might have been just the thing. But that was not idea. I had to drive my child to school.

I looked down at my chest and thought: Is there an alien in my bra?  Not only had this strange creature jumped into my bra but he had inflated my girls and pumped them up another cup size.   A little concerning! Anyone one who knows me ~ knows that I could stand to give away a few cups so I don’t need aliens pumping up the jam in my brassiere.

Lately, I have been a bit more conscientious about not sleeping with my contacts in. I decided that I might need to see the facility my child is sure to stick me in when I am an old person. So I struggled to grab my glasses. As my eyes adjusted, I realized that in my sleepy haze, blurry vision, and need to block the draft of the English dampness, I had put my bra on backwards.  So that would explain the voluptuous cleavage and not-so-perfectly-fitting garment.

There were no aliens in my bra!  Just a blind woman having a typical Monday morning!

So if your Monday morning started as maniac as mine, leave the comment “Just another Maniac Monday” and tell us what made your morning so maniac.

The first five people who leave a comment will receive a $5.00 Starbucks gift card.



Always Believe in Yourself, Cynthia

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  1. Funny story. Thanks for sharing and putting a smile on my face.
    This Busy Life recently posted…Keeping Your Pets Safe At ChristmasMy Profile

  2. My Monday was maniac because I woke up with an awful toothache that I have to get a root canal for! UGH!

  3. Just another Maniac Monday: My alarm clock did not go off so i woke up late then had to redo laundry before i left because i forgot to put it in the dryer before i went to sleep today has been very manic.

    • Hi Misty,

      Sounds like you had a crazy day. I hate being late. In the UK, it takes about 2 hours to do a load of laundry so I try my best to remember to get it in the dryer before bed. Hope your week gets better.


  4. Just another Maniac Monday..Woke up late, couldn’t find my car keys, was running late to class, husband didn’t put gas in the car, so I had to stop and get gas and that made me even more late. Got to school, tripped UP the stairs. Luckily my teacher wasn’t in the classroom yet so I sat down and did my work. After class, I needed to go to the post office to get a stamp and pay for an item that needed extra shipping. Paid for the extra shipping and got my letter, walked out and completely forgot about the stamp I needed. It’s been quite a day so this giveaway is just perfect.

  5. My Monday was manic(so far) because my daughter not only woke up extremely early but threw an hour long fit because she wanted to wear 3 outfits at once. 2 sets of pajamas underneath a dress. Every time I would convince her to wear one outfit, she would put another one over it. It went on forever!

  6. Wow – what a way to celebrate a manic monday. My ” Just another Maniac Monday” started off with me forgetting to set my alarm, so I woke up late!

  7. LMAO Thats too funny! I do have times when my bras just don’t fit right. Certain times of the week and nope, just ain’t working right! Glad yours was just “silly”. haha
    Brenda recently posted…The Gift of LoveMy Profile

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